Trackers translations


So at the pub some guys don’t get the undercover meanings used by the pub crawlers you’re with especially at trackers (where this happens alot btw). Anyway for you normal people here’s a small guide to them

1. You get this round, next one’s on me
(we’re not going to be here in time for the next round)
2. I’ll get this one next one is on you
(happy hour is about to end and the beers go up from 100ksh to 120)
3. Hey where’s that chic you were with earlier?
(i have no interested in talking to you, speaking to you is just a way to get to her)
4. Can i get a triple tequila *female*
(i’m trying to get drunk fast so i can flirt )
6. Can i get a triple tequila*male*
(it’s easier to hit on chics if i’m drunk)
7. Want to do a body shot *male to female*
(i’m willing to take horrible shooters if i get to lick you)
8. Want to do a body shot *female to male*
(if this is how wild i am in the bar, imagine what i’ll do to you in the car)
9. This place sucks lets go home *female to male*
(your paying more attention to your buddies than me)
10. This place sucks let’s go home *male to female*
(i’m horny)
11. Who’s getting the next round
(i’ve never bought a round in two years but i’m an expert at diverting attention)
12. Excuse me *male to male*
(get the hell out of my way)
13. Excuse me *male to female*
(i’m going to grope you)
14. Excuse me *female to male*
(don’t you dare think of groping me just get the hell out of my way)
15. Excuse me *female to female*
(bitch move your fat ass, who the hell do you think you are anyway )
16. Do you have sierra beer?
(it tastes like crap but i’m cheap and it costs 10ksh less)
17. Can i have southern comfort and coke?*male*
(i’m really gay)
18. That person looks really familiar.
(have i shagged him/her)
19. Give me a glass of water *female*
(i’m annoying but sexy enough to get away with dumb shit like this)
20. I forgot my i.d *female*
(i’m 19)
21. I forgot my i.d *male*
(i’m 17)
22. Let’s find somewhere else to drink *male to male *
(this place is full of sausage)
23. Let’s find somewhere else to drink *female to male*
(this place is full of ass and tits and your eyes are full of happiness)
24. Going outside to make a call
(need to puke)
25. Girlfriend left me so i’m here drinking away my sorrows *male to female*
(i’ve got a girlfriend i just want to get laid )
26. Oh my gosh my boyfriend left me too so i’m here doing the same thing *female to male*
(this is probably adam kiboi, he can’t be single but whatever. I need to get laid )


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