Monkey banana


Start with a cage with five monkeys. Hang a banana from a string and place a stool under it. Before long, one of the monkeys will move towards the stool to get to the banana. As soon as he touches the stool spray the other monkeys with freezing water. After a while another monkey will make the same attempt with the same result, freezing water on all the others. Pretty soon when another monkey makes an attempt at climbing the stool the other monkeys will prevent it to avoid the cold water!
Now put away the cold water and replace one of the original monkeys with a new monkey. The new monkey will try gn for the banana but to his shock the other four will attack and beat him to stop him! After another attempt and attack he knows that if he goes for the banana he will be assaulted. Now remove another one of the original monkeys and replace it. The new monkey will also go for the banana but all the other monkeys will attack him including the other newcomer! Likewise replace a third monkey then a fourth and a fifth. Every time a monkey takes to the stairs he is attacked.
Most of the monkeys won’t know why they were not permitted to get the banana or why they’re beating the new monkey. After replacing all the original monkeys none of the new ones have been sprayed with the cold water. Nevertheless no monkey can approach the stool to reach for the banana.
And that is why ,your honour, i was at the somali border shooting immigrants. To deter the rest πŸ™‚


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