So last night at around midnight i started my usual web crawl. So armed with my credit card went to all those fancy porn websites and started renewing my accounts for premium porn sites. So since i’d heard there was Kenyan stuff out there on the big bad web decided to google it. So after paying the fee which was like 900 bob i was in. Pretty basic stuff actually but one ka picture slapped of like a bad joke! Some kaguy i know was there!! Featured video of THE GODDAMN WEEK! Two thousand hits. The kapicture was him hands akimbo and his schlong (whoever made up that word…) hanging there. As in i died! Apparently he’s one of those most wanted guys in the film industry in nairobi. Wa wa wa the secrets guys can hide from you!
So i kept on with my forray into the seedy underground world that’s internet porn. Pop up showed up…so i was like ok. MEET LOCAL GIRLS IN KENYA. You know the type. Usually i toss em off to the side but this one was different. Nani who i had dated in sehjui may last year had her picture there. Age listed as twenty two and her user name was hornygirl33. Clicked on the pop up chop chop and it lead me to adult friend finder.(can’t beleive i don’t have an account with them) anyway her profile on AFF, figure that one out, said she was into bondage and anal and was looking for a real man with a big…um cock. ANAL? Really? Worst part is when we were dating this sordid sex maniac didn even screw me and she’s on the internet like a cheap tramp. As in i got neatsin! Maybe a little tongue, or somehow she gets inspired and i get to base one and a half (under the shirt over the bra). Anyway i’ll probably find more people out there on the internet trying to get laid by strangers or being porn stars in nai tsk tsk guys 🙂


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