The magic frog


So a magic frog was walking through this super huge forest, so huge infact that he had never met any other animal before, like ever in his life. It so happened on this fateful day that a bear was chasing a rabbit through the forest.
“STOOOP” called the frog “since you’re the first animals i’ve ever met i’ll grant you three wishes”.
“i wish there was a female bear in the forest” said the bear since there were’nt any female bears. And whoosh somewhere in the forest he heard the distinct call of a female bear in heat
“i wish i had a helmet” said the rabbit grinning. And poof one appeared on his head.
“dumb rabbit. I wish all the bears in the forest were female” said the bear. And promptly more calls from female bears could be heard all around.
“i wish i had a motorcycle” said the rabbit still grinning his insanely wide grin. And poof he was sitting on a fancy new one.
“Time for your last wishes” said the frog
“what a waste” said the bear looking at the rabbit “i wish all the bears in the world were female” said the bear triumphantly already imagining the bliss that laid ahead of him.
The rabbit looked from the frog, to the bear and back to the frog before laughing out loud. “i wish the bear was gay” he shouted as he sped off on the bike %-) #ninja


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