Thusly inspired by the complete lack of anything to watch on the telly i’ve decided that i’m back to the blog and filling the internet with drivel straight from the weird and strange place that’s my head. Past two weeks? Drama! I’m talking mexican soap opera bullshlaka. Got me involved somehow but chaps should never bother with that crud yet there i am in the middle trying to squeeze myself further in. After all i’m adam kiboi so what’s wrong with gaining attention (albeit through notoriety).
I’ll probably expound on that one later but for now i finally figured out a sure fire way of getting laid nearly everytime i meet a girl. I know ‘THE HOLY GRAIL’. It’s worked for the past two weeks on a trial basis so i think it’s time i put it to the test. The trick? Being funny! No really, it is. Say every single nasty, funny or vaguely humourous (typo much?) thing that hits your head. Don’t stop to think. Let the drivel flow, baffle her with bullshit and i’m telling you your IN THERE! By this i mean her panties 🙂 and to the girls out there…well if i do know you personally and publicly admit to talking to you…well i figure you don’t need cheap tricks to get laid ne?
Hmmmm i guess that’s it. Kids next door…a whole hour of it! I’m so on that vibe!


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