Music and Fashion in Kenya


let’s get a bit and fashionin kenya?the title itself gives away the entire premise of the article.Anyone who lives in kenya can tell that the entire article is a sham.Kenay has no original muic and fashion or rather contemporary society in kenya has no original music and fashion.Even if we did then we’d be considered a backwards race.Not culture but race like the species split at a particukar poin into the civilized,uncivilized and kenyan’s.Imagine if you grew up speakin only vernacular and dressing in skins and loincloths.Then imagine moving to england and trying to convince them that really you dont live in a tree and you cell phone is’n made out of sticks about 8 stones and some mud to hold it all together(not waterproof btw).

Thus kenya’s contemporary culture and all it’s splinter groups and sub culture’s are not original and we cant allow them to be. I’d hate my kids to grow up listening to mugithi because quite frankly i think it’s retarded.I also think that about alot of local music quite frankly and nameless can go peddle his songs and ridiculous stage name somewhere else thengyouvewymush.Kenyan fashion should be inspired by western fashion inspired by african fashion. Im not saying it’s impossible for kenyans to have an original idea it is possible we’ve go great graphic deisgners, artists and artistes.I’m just saying that without the western influence that contantly barrages our minds with it’s brainwashingly beautiful women and stunning vehacular prowess it’s near impossible for us to come up with an original idea and have it work for the people living here today.

What i’m trying to say is that contemporary society finds it near impossible to be oiginal because quite frankly kenyans are for the most part a bunch of shalow,brainwashed dolts.No offence but you are,i’m not saying i’m immune to this phenomenae and im not saying the rest of africa is immune but i jut know that we were colonized by the british and they took away our land but years after our independence america and the rest of western society continues to take our minds sucking out lttle pieces of our culture and replacing them with their own music and culture soon our language will be completely gone.

So when you say ‘music and fashion in kenya’ to me your basically saying ‘this article depicts the extent to which western culture has permeated into kenya music and fashion.’ I’m not complainin because i’d hate to have to go to work in a goat skin loin cloth rather than in a designer suit from Twangu fashion suite in london.


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